Saturday, May 24, 2014

We will be back next year!!! A plea to ban GMO Kentucky Bluegrass from CT

If GMO grass takes over the state and country, those of us who choose to eat organic grass fed beef and drink grass fed milk will not be able to! 

Eating grass fed animal products is extremely healthy for us. It increases the amount of CLA in our diets, and CLA is a cancer-fighter. (Conjugated linoleic acid.)

Since grass is a perennial, the GMO grass will spread like wildfire, and our local farmers will not be able to keep it off of their farms. 

GMO grass is made to withstand being drowned in Round Up. There are scores of peer reviewed studies indicating how toxic Round Up is. 

I don't want any more of this awful chemical in my water or on my food. I don't want my dog to track it into our house and contaminate our furniture with it. Yesterday, I watched as a chemical truck pulled up near my house and sprayed petroleum all over my neighbor's bushes. I can't begin to describe how helpless I felt. We need to start to control the chemical exposure that is surrounding us without our consent, and oftentimes without our knowledge.

This bill must pass. It will ban GMO grass from coming to CT, and also increase the ban on pesticides to high schools and other public places. It will protect us, our children's futures, and generations that we will never know.